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      导演:Bill Buckhurst 




      主演:汤姆·瓦瑞 埃斯梅·科里德-米尔斯 安格斯·里 Gianlucca Galluci Ethan Wilkie 亚伯拉罕·路易斯 黛西·埃德加-琼斯 邵恩·杜里 珊·布鲁克 

      更新时间:2019-11-05 11:02:54

      简介: Summertime, 1994. In a quiet mining village just outside Doncaster, a rumour stirs about the legend of a giant carp in the nearby decoy ponds. Trevor takes watch one night at the waters edge. The following night, he decides to lead a brigade of young friends and neighbours on a fishing expedition. In a world of broken families, cassette tapes and rumbling political fever, these friends, each with their own struggles to bear, share a moment of harmony as they witness the carp for themselves that they will never forget.